Conducting an Aviation Art Contest

The 2021 NASAO International Aviation Art Contest will be accepting entries into the next NASA/ Orbital Sciences competition. This year’s main theme is” Flying Forward.” The contest is open to youth ages 6 seventeen. All artwork submitted for the international contest must be posted by urn day, 2021. There are also more specific age requirements for each category.

Winning entries in the NASA/ Orbital Sciences Art Contest have the opportunity to fly aboard one of NASA’s latest unmanned aerial vehicles. Two possible winner locations are the NASA Flight Facility in Maryland and NASA’s flight test center in Arizona. The winning entry in either location will be flown on a UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicle. If you have a friend who lives far from these two areas, or you plan to attend the competition in person, we encourage you to visit the links below to sign up for additional information on how you can win in the aviation art contest.

The instructions to enter the NASA/ Orbital Sciences Air Show may be found on their website. The guidelines include Age group: Any child under the age of 12 will not be considered. Selection: Only three original paintings in the original size of twelve inches by twelve inches will be considered. Entries should be sent through the U.S. Postal Service, Attention: International Air Shows, P.O. Box 61600, Mountain View, CA 94040.

The themes for the NASA/ Orbital Sciences Air Show this year are “flying yesterday,” “flying today,” and “learning today.” The art for these competitions can be printed on calendar pages, calendars, coasters, mouse mats, and acrylic wall art. You can have these items personalized with your name and contact information. You can also purchase one of each of the three themes and decorate them yourself. If you are a member of a science club, this is a good theme to choose because there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss your favorite topics in detail.

There is a preliminary list of the successful themes for the NASA/ Orbital Sciences Air Show, which was flying yesterday, flying today, and learning today. The winning entries for each category will be featured on the NASA/ Orbital Sciences Air Show homepage for all to see. As with any exhibition, the top three winning entries in each category will be displayed on the company’s website along with a short description of their entry. The photos of the winning aircraft will also be included.

You may also want to select another theme, such as “flight day” or “flight night.” These themes provide a fun way for the public to engage and participate in an aviation art contest because the participants get to choose the topic for the competition. In addition to the photos and avatars that come with these themes, you will have the opportunity to write a brief description of your concept and submit it in a form that is accessible to the general public. Many of the participants in these contests are children, who often enjoy participating in such hands-on activities.

There are several ways to ensure that your aviation themed contest takes off successfully. Make sure that you select a target audience that is appropriate for your theme. If you are attempting to promote safe aviation practices, then you will not want to choose an audience with a large number of children. You should also select a theme that is applicable to current events taking place, such as the latest Federal Aviation Administration directives. If your theme promotes the idea of friendlier earth, then you may not want to include some of the more extreme natural elements, such as geothermal vents.

The second most important thing to remember when organizing a contest is that age is not a factor. A child as young as four may enter the North Carolina aviation art contest, and as old as sixty-four may be considered for the top prize. Regardless of age, all contestants should be encouraged to participate in the submission process and provide their best works. Good luck and congratulations to all the winners!